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(Student Magazine(Dotted line

And praise be to God who loves you and you are rich ……..
And praise be to God who loves me and while he does not need me …………

No matter how bad life may seem, there is always something to be done and you have succeeded. As long as there is life, there is hope. (Stephen Hawking)
Dotted line
It all started in those days.
In the summer, when we come to this word, we subconsciously remember our childhood memories, the memory of a time when, free from all the hustle and bustle of life, we would run in the alleys of village gardens or the narrow streets and alleys of the city with calloused shoes.
Sunlight and the rapid growth of new leaves on the branches of a tree, as if they had put a film on a sharp circle; Everyone makes me believe strongly, with the coming of summer, life begins again.
Praise be to God, whose grace and greatness are infinite. After going through many hardships and difficulties, may God grant us the happiness to serve you dear ones. We have made the slogan “do not act on words” not the top of our work, and we believe that education is not enough for knowledge to become the queen, action is necessary. It is a publication that reflects your scientific discussions, social, economic and cultural concerns of the path of science, professors and elders in the field of science, and the request for needs is not to follow the shortcomings and problems of our slogan, but our goal
They do not write love, they prove …..

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